Buy-Side Advisory

Stone Pier Capital provides Buy-Side Advisory Services to a select group of clients.

We work with investor groups, family offices, companies and management to conduct targeted, confidential searches for strategic acquisitions.

The decision to acquire another company is a significant decision in the evolution of an organization. There are many reasons to acquire another company including acquisition of a desired technology or market, product line expansion, geographic expansion, growth by acquisition in order to reach critical scale, etc.  Whatever the reasons, the ability to execute strategic acquisitions efficiently is often a challenge for small to mid-sized organizations.

SPC has the experience to work closely with management to ensure the acquisition strategy is well defined, accretive and confidential, and can be closed within a reasonable timeline.

A successful acquisition involves…

  1. Proper planning.
  2. Careful screening of potential targets.
  3. Intense due diligence of selected target(s). Depending upon the size and complexity of the target, due diligence is a joint effort between SPC, Company Management and the Company’s CPAs and counsel.
  4. Attention to detail in negotiating the deal.
  5. Careful, professional preparation of the transaction documents by your law firm with input and review by SPC.
  6. And last, but not least, successful integration of the acquired entity.

SPC will provide its experience representing both buyers and sellers to help arrange an attractive acquisition. We work closely with the Company’s lawyers, accountants and executive team from planning to closing.   Small to mid-size companies that wish to grow by acquisition are best served by not losing focus on day-to-day operations of their core business, using SPC to out-source and coordinate the acquisition process.

The buy-side process, done in a disciplined, professional manner, will take six to twelve months, depending upon the size of the Company, the target, the industry, the credit markets and other factors. A successful acquisition requires a commitment from the Board of Directors, Senior Management and other employees of the Company.

During the acquisition process, the best thing for owners and operators of the Company to do is to continue to work at the business and ensure that revenue and profitability remain strong. Furthermore, too much involvement in the acquisition process, including the highs and lows of the negotiation process, can often lead to bruised feelings or worse, thereby reducing the likelihood of a successful integration of the target organization.  The Company’s goal is to complete an acquisition on commercially attractive terms while focusing on a prompt and successful integration of the target, post-closing.

In addition to providing quantitative analysis, SPC understands what terms and conditions are “market”, thus assisting management in completing an objective analysis of the potential acquisition.  The SPC team has been through numerous deals and is expert at working with target companies of all sizes including those with a foreign parent. We will work closely with your lawyers, CPAs and other professionals. We will coordinate the effort, keeping you informed the whole time and bringing key decisions to you for approval.

 Interested Parties

Should you have an interest in exploring an acquisition strategy for your Company with Stone Pier, please contact us for a no cost, confidential exploratory meeting.