Sell-Side Advisory

Stone Pier Capital is a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Firm that provides Sell-Side Advisory Services to companies with enterprise values ranging from $5 million to over $50 million.

We work with companies and their shareholders to maximize the value they will receive for their businesses.

The decision to sell all or part of your closely-held company is one of the most difficult decisions a Board of Directors has to make. SPC can provide independent, objective, professional input during this assessment process, ensuring that all potential strategies have been thoroughly evaluated. Part of this assessment process will include the question:  Are the shareholder(s) better served to sell all or part of the Company? Every situation is different. However, in some circumstances the stakeholders may be better served to sell part of the Company to a sophisticated buyer who will provide resources and expansion capital. The combination of the seller’s relationships and expertise with expanded resources can create a significantly more valuable enterprise in three to five years, enabling the seller(s) to participate in the enhanced value.  The additional benefits to the seller(s) are asset and estate diversification, elimination of the need to personally guarantee debt, and access to a professional, well-financed partner.

Once the decision to sell is finalized, SPC can provide the Company with a range of indicative values. SPC will work with Management and the Board to determine a targeted list of potential suitable acquirers.  Care will be given to ensure the Company’s confidentiality during the early stages of the process so that only qualified, vetted, acceptable potential acquirers visit the Company. SPC works with its clients from conception to closing. We stay involved post-closing to assist as necessary.

The sell-side process, done in a disciplined, professional manner, will take six to eighteen months, depending upon the size of the Company, the industry, and other factors. During this period, the best thing for owners and operators of the company to do is to continue to work at the business and ensure that revenue and profitability remain strong. Many executive teams get caught up in the highs and lows of a transaction, only to learn the deal will not close due to a recent drop off in revenue.  The SPC Team has been through numerous deals and is expert at working with acquirers of all kinds, lawyers and other deal professionals. We will coordinate the effort, keeping you informed the whole time and bringing key decisions to you for approval.

Interested Parties

Should you have an interest in considering the sale of your Company, or the sale of an operating unit, subsidiary or affiliate, please contact us for a no cost, confidential exploratory meeting.