Strategic / Financial Consulting

Stone Pier Capital provides Strategic and Financial Consulting Services to a select group of clients.

Our familiarity and knowledge of the capital markets enables us to assist a small to mid-size company in analyzing its strengths and weaknesses prior to a sale or recap event, or in the alternative, prior to its seeking to acquire other companies. 

Stone Pier Capital’s principals have extensive experience with companies in each stage of development. We have worked with early stage companies, growth stage, and mature firms as well as companies in crisis or transition. Stone Pier understands what the acquisition and financing “market” looks for in a well-run company. We provide independent advice and counsel as you prepare your Company for its next stage. That next stage may include a capital raise, a recapitalization, or the sale of all or part of your Company.

Not all successful companies are ready to acquire other companies. Most acquisitions made when the acquiring company is unprepared to take on the additional burdens of larger sales volume, additional personnel and the integration of everything from cultures to computer systems, are doomed to either failure or a very long road back to success.

SPC principals have the experience to work closely with management to ensure the Company’s capital structure is well defined and appropriate, before a sale or after an acquisition, and that your strategic initiatives are accretive currently and in the future.

A representative list of consulting assignments includes…

  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of the Company’s documentation with a view to the rigors of due diligence performed by sophisticated acquirers and capital sources;
  2. Review management structure with a focus on succession and sustainability;
  3. Review the Company’s portfolio of products and services;
  4. A deep review of the Company’s cash flow, balance sheet, customers, future plans, industry and credit markets.

Stone Pier’s consulting services are provided in a disciplined, professional manner.  A typical engagement will take between three to eighteen months, depending upon the size and current condition of the Company, the industry, the credit markets and other factors. A successful project requires a commitment from the Board of Directors and Senior Management of the Company.

In addition to providing quantitative analysis, SPC maintains numerous relationships with banks and other capital sources. The SPC team has been involved with numerous companies and transactions and will provide that perspective to management. We will coordinate the project, working with your lawyers, CPAs and other advisors, keeping you informed the whole time and bringing key decisions to you for approval.

Interested Parties

Should your Company be considering the need for strategic and/or financial consulting advice, please contact us for a no cost, confidential exploratory meeting.